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Dr. Stephan Lorenz

Dr. Lorenz graduated in Biochemistry at the University of Leipzig, where he investigated the role of GPCR kinases in the regulation of GPCR activity. He then joined the laboratory of Prof Ralf Paschke in Leipzig for his PhD, studying calcium-binding proteins and their role in benign thyroid tumors. He joined the Single Cell Centre at the Wellcome Sanger Institute in Cambridge in 2013 to develop novel single-cell whole-genome amplification methods in the group of Thierry Voet. A year on, he started to build and manage one of the first core facilities focused on high-throughput single-cell genome and transcriptome sequencing. He and his team developed methods to rapidly process thousands of cells per experiment using high-end automation to achieve high throughput and minimize assay volumes and cost. Dr. Lorenz joined Sidra Medicine in 2018 as Director of the Clinical Genomics Laboratory, where he enables more cost-effective, rapid, and robust sequencing solutions that support important initiatives like the Qatar Genome Project and the use of sequencing technologies in a clinical setting.

Sidra Medicine is aiming at delivering personalized medicine to the patients of Qatar and beyond. The systematic measurement and analysis of qualitative and quantitative traits of patients, known as Phenomics, completes the personalized medicine approach initiated by genomic approaches.  The Deep Phenotypic Core (DPC) provides a multifaceted phenomics platform dedicated to establishing cellular, molecular and functional phenotypes that complement genomics, transcriptomics, and clinical phenotypic analyses of patients. Relying on metabolomics, lipidomics, elemental chemical analysis, high-dimension proteomics, super-resolution microscopy and high-dimension flow cytometry, the DPC generates systematic, high-quality, validated precise molecular and cellular phenotypes of patients and enable true phenomic science in Qatar. The DPC aims at providing in depth and breadth the panels of diagnostic and investigational assays proposed in Sidra and in Qatar. The DPC mission is to provide the technical and intellectual frameworks for the realization of the second pillar of Sidra Medicine’s Research Personalized Medicine agenda: “Establishing an Advanced Diagnostics program”.

Team Members

Abbirami Sathappan

‪Research Specialist IV

Giusy Gentilcore

Research Specialist IV

Saroja Kotegar Balayya

Research Specialist IV

Shana Jacob

Staff Scientist