Research is becoming fully integrated into every patient’s journey, and the ‘standard of care’ for patients visiting Sidra Medicine benefits from seamless access to state-of-the-art technologies housed within the Research Department.

This principle is transforming Research services to a dedicated team working seamlessly with medical staff along the continuum of care. In turn, this is transforming Sidra Medicine Research to an independent Institute for Personalized Medicine which is competitive by global benchmarks, attracting funding from private organizations and philanthropic donors aiming to solve diseases and advance therapy for future generations.

Achieving this vision makes Sidra Medicine a premier destination for patients from all over the world seeking exceptional medical treatment and research-driven care.

As an academic medical center, Research is embedded in patient care. Working seamlessly with clinicians, over 20 research Investigator and Core labs use advanced diagnostic technologies such as Whole Genome Sequencing and immunophenotyping, applying personalized pipelines to characterize patients with rare and complex disorders linked to high consanguinity. Advanced Diagnostics are complemented by building large data- and bio-repositories of healthy and sick individuals, enabling big data mining, predictive health and future Precision Medicine research.

Core Facilities

Integrated Genomic Services

Unique combination of laboratory and analysis services

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Deep Phenotyping Core

Genomics, molecular biology, informatics and animal model services

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Research Operations And Services

"One-stop-shop” approach and solution-oriented admin service to researchers and clinicians

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Digital Health

Digital ecosystem to support all computational aspects

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